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I help people transform their hormonal + gut imbalances into painless and regular periods and digestive freedom by getting to the root cause.

& I teach people how to use their menstrual cycle as a 5th vital sign and as effective natural birth control.

hi there! i'm autumn

Green Sprout

Period pain, PMS, bloating, gas and heartburn are common but they aren't "normal" or something you need to "just live with".

Are you...
  • Sick of dreading and hating your period every month

  • Experiencing bloating, heartburn, and/or gas after meals

  • Trying to manage PMS

  • Wondering why your periods are irregular

  • Suffering from uncomfortable side effects of birth control

Work With Me

Bio-individual & holistic nutrition, lifestyle and supplement support to address the root cause of periods issues such as PMS, period pain, irregular or absent periods, and gut imbalances such as bloating, heartburn, gas, constipation etc.

Imagine being able to eat freely without anticipating the dreaded heartburn, gas and bloating to follow and having consistent energy and starting the first day of your period without PMS or pain.

Nutritional Therapy Coaching

Fertility Awareness Method Classes

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is a method of tracking the menstrual cycle to avoid (up to 99.6% effective), achieve pregnancy as well as get a snapshot report card of your health every month.

Cycle Power, a 6-week live course, will teach you how to accurately observe and track your cycle for natural side effect-free contraception!

Green Sprout

Transformational Testimonies

"Since my work with Autumn, I feel like my body is mine - I've connected with that beautiful mystery of my body, my fertility, and it is so powerful. Since we started our work, I've found near-complete relief from period pain, balanced my blood sugar, achieved regular bowel movements for the first time in my life, slept better, my skin is clear and I actually want to exercise."

- Ann, 1:1 Client

"I took Autumn's fertility awareness course and then worked with her in 1:1 coaching and it has been one of the most rewarding investments in my own health that I've ever made. I went into this process wanting to learn about hormone-free birth control and how to maximize conception when the time comes, but I ended up learning so much about my body and myself."

- Shelby, 1:1 Client

"This investment in myself was not only an act of self-love and care but also a resistance to the societal messaging that my feminine body isn't worth learning, honoring and respecting."

- Emma, 1:1 Client

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