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There's a world where you can love & thrive with your period.

I'm Autumn!
I help menstruators resolve PMS & painful, irregular or absent periods and I teach people how to track their cycle for 99.6% effective contraception.

Fertility Awareness & Nutritional Therapy for Hormonal Health


Period pain, PMS and severe side effects from birth control are common but they aren't "normal" or something to "just live with".

Are you...

  • Sick of dreading and hating your period every month

  • Trying to manage PMS

  • Wondering why you haven't had a period in months

  • Suffering from uncomfortable side effects of birth control

Menstrual Cycle Coaching or the Fertility Awareness Method may be for you

1:1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Bio-individual & holistic nutrition, lifestyle and supplement support to address the root cause of PMS, period pain, irregular or absent periods

Imagine starting the first day of your period without PMS, pain, and feeling deeply connected to your cyclical nature. 

Fertility Awareness Method Classes

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is a method of tracking the menstrual cycle to avoid (99.6% effective), achieve pregnancy as well as get a snapshot report card of your health every month.

Cycle Power, my 6-week live course, will teach you how to accurately observe and track your cycle for natural contraception!

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