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The Fertility Awareness Method

Natural contraception that:​

  • is up to 99.6% effective
  • has zero side-effects
  • takes the guessing out of whether you're in a fertile or infertile phase
  • acts as a 5th vital sign of health
  • teaches you about the powerful inner workings of your menstrual cycle

An introduction to fertility awareness based methods, their various uses and scientific backing for 99.6% effective birth control

FAM Foundations

Grab my free introductory class!

FAM Foundations


Cycle Power

Sick of the side effects of hormonal birth control? Ready to step into your personal power with your menstrual cycle?

Cycle Power is a 3-part 6-week live group course to master the Sympto-Thermal Method for natural birth control with up to 99.6% effectiveness.


This method identifies the phases of fertility and infertility using basal body temperature, cervical mucus and vaginal sensation. Partners are welcome to join for no additional fee! A class recording will be shared.


Investment: $125 / $175 / $225*

Upcoming Class Dates:
November 18th at 11am EST with subsequent classes on December 2nd, & December 16th

All Courses

Course Outline


Digital Copies of All Course Materials: A Practice Workbook, The Course Textbook (A Couple's Guide to Fertility Book), A Physical Chart & Course Handouts

Chart reviews for your first 6 months of charting

Unlimited Email Support for mid-cycle charting questions and anything else that comes up!

3 months FREE of the Read Your Body App

Access to a bonus module: FAM for Reproductive Health, which will teach you how to use the menstrual cycle indicators in FAM to understand and improve your hormonal health

I've taught 20+ students & 

this is what they are saying..

Autumn is an AMAZING instructor! Transitioning to Natural Family Planning can be an intimidating process, but Autumn makes you feel confident and knowledgeable. I’m so thankful to have had her walk me through this journey!


I was looking into a few FAM instructors, and I'm SOOO thankful I found Autumn and decided to take her class! Autumn was super helpful and supportive throughout the whole learning process. She was able to answer all of my questions and clear up any confusion. I’m so glad I decided to take the course and learn more about my body.


Autumn is so informed, engaging, encouraging and kind. The structure of the course is great - after presenting some information, she goes through exercises/examples to reinforce that information. Also, the slides have great illustrations: photos and chart examples. I am so grateful to have Autumn as a resource as I continue on my FAM journey. Thank you, Autumn!!


FAM for Health


Sick of having PMS, painful periods or irregular cycles and not knowing why? 

Learn how to track your menstrual cycle to monitor and optimize your hormonal health using the fertility awareness method (FAM). FAM tracks biomarkers of fertility, such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature to identify phases of fertility and hormonal imbalance. 

Course includes:

  • 75-min video lecture

  • 6 downloadable resources

  • 15% off 1:1 cycle coaching


Investment: $44

Other Services

Free 30-min Consultation

In this free consultation, we'll explore if Cycle Power is the right course and FAM method for you. You'll also be free to ask any questions about how I work, FAM, or any other curiosities you have in relation to fertility, menstrual cycles and charting!

One-Time In-Depth Chart Review

Whether you've started charting on your own and want someone to confirm your observations or help you interpret your chart or if you've completed Cycle Power and want additional drop-in support, in this session we'll review your FAM chart together based on your goals, curiosities and concerns.

$19 / $29 / $39* (fee is waived for your 1st 6 months of charting when you enroll in Cycle Power)

*refer to sliding scale

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