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1:1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Do you...

What if instead you could...

  • Struggle with painful periods, irregular cycles,
  • Have hormonal acne that keeps you from feeling fully confident
  • Get hit hard with mood swings, fatigue, bloating or breast tenderness before your period starts
  • Feel gaslit by medical professionals in regard to your health concerns
  • Feel like you're working against the fluctuations of your menstrual cycle
  • Start the first day of your period without being hunched over in pain
  • Have clear vibrant skin free of hormonal acne
  • Have stable energy throughout the day and throughout your cycle mood swings, fatigue, bloating or breast tenderness before your period starts
  • Feel that your symptoms and concerns are truly seen, heard, and validated
  • Feel completely in tune with the power of your menstrual cycle for 

We're sold the lie that things like pain, terrible PMS and hormonal acne are just a part of having a period...

The only solutions offered are often to "get over it", medicate with ibuprofen or to get on the birth control pill.

"She's just PMSing" is even used to gas-light p
erfectly healthy emotional responses.

What if I told you that your symptoms are your body's attempt to get your attention and communicate with you?

Hi! I'm Autumn

I'm a Functional Hormone Specialist, Fertility Awareness Educator and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


I help people who are struggling with period pain, irregular cycles, hormonal acne and bloating to get to the root of their hormonal imbalances using personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement support so that they can enjoy clear skin, burden-free periods, and vibrancy without the need for a pill. 


Nutritional Therapy Services

Free 30-min Consultation & Nutritional Assessment

In this free consultation, we will review the results of your nutritional assessment questionnaire to start exploring the root causes of your health concerns. You'll also be free to ask any questions about how I work and we'll determine if I am in a position to help you according to your health challenges.  

3-Month Coaching Package

A 1:1 cycle coaching experience where we will collaboratively design a personalized nutritional, lifestyle and supplement protocol to address the root cause of your health concerns and cycle symptoms. In this process, we will optimize your foundations of health, including nutrition, gut health, adrenal health, detoxification pathways and more. You will learn how to nourish your body according to your bio-individual needs, how to use food as medicine, and adopt lifelong habits that will optimize your hormones and menstrual cycle health.

This package includes:

  • 7 x 60 minute coaching calls over the course of 3 months

    • Call #1: Initial Consultation

    • Call #2: Recommendations Visit

    • Call #3-7: Follow-Up Sessions Every 2 Weeks

  • Personally curated bio-individualized nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to suit your needs

  • Guidance on acquiring functional testing as well as an interpretation and explanation of any test results

  • Access to cycle syncing recipes & a hormone balance nutrition guide

  • Bonus Class: FAM 4 Health - a class to teach you how to track your cycle using the fertility awareness method to monitor your overall health, including a Healthy Menstrual Cycle Indicator Guide

  • 10% off Cycle Power 💥 - my fertility awareness class that teaches you how to track your cycle to conceive or avoid pregnancy with up to 99.6% effectiveness

  • Resources and guides specific to your needs to support your journey throughout!

$150 / $200 / $250* per month

(or a one-time payment of $450 / $600 / $750)

*refer to sliding scale

Initial Health Consultation

A one-time 90-minute consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of your health concerns, lifestyle, food choices, sleeping and digestion patterns. We will reveal any organ weaknesses and system unbalances contributing to your hormonal issues and address them through personalized nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle strategies. After the consultation, you will receive a complete recommendation protocol.

This package includes:

  • A comprehensive nutritional health assessment, including a 5-day Food & Mood Journal analysis 

  • An in-depth review of your health history and bio-individual nutrient deficiencies

  • In-depth personalized protocol with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • An opportunity to enroll in my 3-month coaching program

$140 / $170 / $200* 

(fee is waived when you enroll in 3-month program)

*refer to sliding scale

Follow-Up Consultation

A 60-min follow-up consultation for clients who have completed the 3-month program or initial health consultation to receive additional guidance. This call is similar to the initial consultation where we will evaluate your progress, make changes to your recommendations and provide additional resources as necessary.

Why Work With Me?

"Autumn's tips and ideas have been wonderful and integral in my journey to feeling better, fueling my body, having more energy and giving my body what it needs. Autumn's advice and help has come from such a loving and judgement free place and you have been so encouraging every second - her attitude and outlook makes me more motivated to continue to make changes for ME and my goals. I had the biggest win today.. my first ~real~ period after 5 months post hormonal birth control! eeeeeeeeek!  :) Thank you for everything!"
- Athena
"Since I started working with Autumn, I've found near-complete relief from period pain, balanced my blood sugar, achieved regular bowel movements for the first time in my life, slept better, my skin is clear, and I actually want to exercise. I've found ways to work with my body instead of against it, honoring what it needs in each part of my cycle. I've also worked through so much anxiety and perfectionism around my health and fertility."
- Shelby
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