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Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Do you...

  • Struggle with painful periods, irregular cycles,
  • Have hormonal acne that keeps you from feeling fully confident
  • Get hit hard with mood swings, fatigue, bloating or breast tenderness before your period starts
  • Feel like you're working against the fluctuations of your menstrual cycle


We're sold the lie...

that pain is just a part of having a period. The only solutions offered are often to "get over it", medicate with ibuprofen or to get on the birth control pill.

"She's just PMSing" is even used to gas-light perfectly healthy emotional responses.

What if I told you that your body isn't trying to work against you and that period symptoms are your body's attempt to communicate with you?


Hi! I'm Autumn

I'm a Functional Hormone Specialist, Fertility Awareness Educator and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (in training)

I journey with people to help them discover the power of their menstrual cycle as a health report card, solutions to their uncomfy period symptoms, and the tools to live in love with their bodies and cyclical selves.


3 Month Program

6 Month Program

Why Work With Me?

"Autumn's tips and ideas have been wonderful and integral in my journey to feeling better, fueling my body, having more energy and giving my body what it needs. Autumn's advice and help has come from such a loving and judgement free place and you have been so encouraging every second - her attitude and outlook makes me more motivated to continue to make changes for ME and my goals. I had the biggest win today.. my first ~real~ period after 5 months post hormonal birth control! eeeeeeeeek!  :) Thank you for everything!"
"Since I started working with Autumn, I've found near-complete relief from period pain, balanced my blood sugar, achieved regular bowel movements for the first time in my life, slept better, my skin is clear, and I actually want to exercise. I've found ways to work with my body instead of against it, honoring what it needs in each part of my cycle. I've also worked through so much anxiety and perfectionism around my health and fertility."
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