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Cycle Power Course

A 3-part 6-week live course to master natural birth control with the Sympto-Thermal Method by tracking your menstrual cycle using basal body temperature, cervical mucus and vaginal sensation.


Course Outline

The Sympto-Thermal method identifies your phases of fertility and infertility by tracking biomarkers of fertility (basal body temperature, cervical mucus and vaginal sensation. By learning how to chart and interpret your biomarkers, you will be a master of aligning your sexual intentions (avoiding, conceiving, all the above) with your actions. Partners are welcome to join for no additional fee! A class recording will be shared.


Digital Copies of All Course Materials: A Practice Workbook, The Course Textbook (A Couple's Guide to Fertility Book), A Physical Chart & Course Handouts

Chart reviews for your first 6 months of charting

Unlimited Email Support for mid-cycle charting questions and anything else that comes up!

3 months FREE of the Read Your Body App

Access to a bonus module: FAM for Reproductive Health, which will teach you how to use the menstrual cycle indicators in FAM to understand and improve your hormonal health

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